2020 near term ponderings

Hello and happy new year.
Just a short update here.
I’m just about to start on a new video concept for showcasing my guitars. I’m going to start with the Canadian Cypress/Engelmann Spruce blanca that I have available at the moment and will be upping my production values with footage of me playing, some closeups of the instrument itself combined with some voiceover and will also incorporate some images and video of the beautiful forest and mountains where I live in northern Thailand.
Quite excited to get going on this. Should be up online in a few weeks time. Stay tuned!

Four Guitars

Four Guitars

Just a quick hello to let it be known that I currently have four guitars available for purchase at the moment. All are Flamencos with 3 Blancas and one Negra. They are all a little different from each other, both in sound and visuals.

I’ll add a few thoughts on each instrument below and for¬†more details please head over to¬†catthompsonguitars.wordpress.com/available

If any of my guitars are of interest to you, please get in touch and I can go over my honest thoughts in further detail. The prices listed on my site include a Visesnut Active Series Case. The case can be upgraded or not included as you wish and the cost adjusted accordingly.

If you feel inclined to pass this on to friends that you think might be interested via social media etc, well, that would be greatly appreciated!

Sound-wise (which is tricky and nebulous to articulate fully, but I’ll give it a shot) the Canadian Cypress B&S and Top is quite dry in sound and I¬†often refer to it as my Ferrari. Seems¬†very fast under the fingers to me. This guitar has black binding and ebony headplate to nicely counter the pale colour of the instrument.

The Canadian Cypress B&S/Engelmann Top is a bit more resonant than the all-Cypress but still very much in Blanca territory. Maple binding with BWB purfling, and a Bocote headplate matching the bridge.


The Mai Daeng B&S/Canadian Cypress Top feels very much like a classic Negra to me with a fuller, more resonant sound to it. Three-piece back and the sides are¬†Mai Daeng, a local Thai wood, I’d say somewhat close to rosewood in density but not a rosewood per se. Very simple binding with one layer of maple purfling separating the body from the binding which is also in Mai Daeng (lit. wood red).

The Red Mountain Cedar B&S/Engelmann Spruce Top, my first Flamenco guitar (and the lowest in price!), might look like a Negra but the cyrpess-like Cedar B&S puts it solidly in Blanca land. Not quite as dry  as the two Canadian Cypress B&S, I think, maybe.

July 4 blanca preview – close to finishing

I haven’t put up guitar photos in quite a while. Here is a blanca that getting close to being done. Next week I’ll make the bridge (bocote, like the headplate), do final touch-ups with sanding and start into beginning the French polish.
This one is Canadian Cypress back and sides and neck, Englemann Spruce top. Maple binding with bwb purfling.
I’m going to put friction pegs in this one but if anyone is interested in this guitar, I can easily put in the geared Wittner pegs.
I’m going to go with blond shellac for the French polish on this one.

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Canadian Cypress B&S/Canadian Cypress Top Blanca- now available

Canadian Cypress B&S/Canadian Cypress Top
$2700 USD includes Visesnut Active series case
650 mm scale length
Full length – 990mm
Body length – 486mm
Upper bout – 278mm
Waist – 232mm
Lower bout- 365mm
Sides – 97mm to 84mm
Back and sides – Canadian Cypress
Top – Canadian Cypress AAA
Fingerboard – Macassar Ebony
Neck – Canadian Cypress
12 hole Bridge – Bocote
Headplate – African Ebony
Binding and backstrip – Rocklite Ebano
Tuning – Ebony Friction Pegs – can be substituted to geared pegs
Saddle and Nut – Unbleached bone
52mm fingerboard width at nut
62mm fingerboard width at body
60mm string span at saddle
Evo gold frets
French polish
Clear golpe (tap) plate