Canadian Cypress B&S/Canadian Cypress Top Blanca- now available

Canadian Cypress B&S/Canadian Cypress Top
$2700 USD includes Visesnut Active series case
650 mm scale length
Full length – 990mm
Body length – 486mm
Upper bout – 278mm
Waist – 232mm
Lower bout- 365mm
Sides – 97mm to 84mm
Back and sides – Canadian Cypress
Top – Canadian Cypress AAA
Fingerboard – Macassar Ebony
Neck – Canadian Cypress
12 hole Bridge – Bocote
Headplate – African Ebony
Binding and backstrip – Rocklite Ebano
Tuning – Ebony Friction Pegs – can be substituted to geared pegs
Saddle and Nut – Unbleached bone
52mm fingerboard width at nut
62mm fingerboard width at body
60mm string span at saddle
Evo gold frets
French polish
Clear golpe (tap) plate


Blanca March 2019

$2700 USD includes Visesnut Active series case
Finished March 2019
Canadian Cypress B&S, Engelmann Spruce top, Spanish cedar neck
Macassar ebony fingerboard, Bloodwood headstock veneer and bridge
Wittner geared pegs
52mm FB with at nut, 62mm FB width at body,
45mm string span at nut, 60mm string span at saddle
650mm scale length
Upperbout 275mm, Waist 235mm, Lowerbout 365mm, Side at bottom 92mm, Side at neck 89mm

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Video tour of the guitar

a close look at the Wittner geared pegs

Mai Daeng/Canadian Cypress Negra

My most recently finished guitar. Mai Daeng B&S/Canadian Cypress top, Pau Ferro Bridge. 650mm scale length. Macassar Ebony Fingerboard. Mai Daeng Headplate. Quite wide string spacing at the saddle at 63mm. For a number of reasons, considering making this my playing instrument but if anyone is interested in this guitar please let me know and I shall do some pondering.


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New guitars available

… and soon to be so.

Here’s a series of videos of some current guitars that I have for sale and soon to be so.

Starting here on the first video below is a bit of playing on the two instruments available now. Following that, I have some videos showing the guitars in more detail.

First up is a Flamenca Negra with Mai Daeng B&S and Canadian Cypress top. Spanish cedar neck, Pau Ferro bridge. Mai Rak bridge and headplate. Note: I say that the bridge and headplate are Mai Daeng BUT NO, it is the much rarer Mai Rak. 52mm fingerboard width at the nut, 63mm string width at the saddle. 650mm scale length. Not sure of the price I’m going to go with on this one, but it’ll be higher than usual for sure. Am thinking that I might keep this one as my player, but we’ll see.

Second, is the very first guitar that I made a good year and half ago. A lovely player and sound I think. 57mm string spacing at the saddle, 52mm fingerboard width at the nut. 650mm scale length. Red Mountain Cedar B&S, Englemann Spruce top. Port Orford Cedar neck. Mai Rak bridge and headplate (a wood that is very rare). I think on this one I’ll go for $1500, case extra or best offer.
Following this initial video and below in the comments, I’ll have some videos of each instrument on their own.

The last video below is a guitar that I am getting close to finishing. Canadian Cypress B&S, Englemann Spruce top, Spanish Cedar neck, Bloodwood bridge and headplate. 52 mm fingerboard width at the nut, 60mm string width at the saddle. 650mm scale length. This one will have a set of Wittner Fine Tune Pegs installed (unless a person wants friction pegs and can get to me before I get to putting the pegs in). This guitar will go for $2700 and will come with a Visesnut Active Series case. (One of the higher price Visesnut cases can be ordered at additional cost)

Negra with Mai Daeng back/sides & Canadian Cypress top

My latest guitar. Soon to be for sale. A somewhat experimental Flamenca Negra with Mai Daeng back and sides and Canadian Cypress top, Spanish Cedar neck and, as usual, a meandering mess of a talk that ends up all about Kendo. All in good fun is what I say!

I mention Luis, a wonderful luthier, in this video please go here to have a look see!

Mai Daeng, Canadian Cypress Negra

From top bracing activities today. My way of saying that this guitar, a flamenco negra, will soon be coming down the pipe. Back and sides – Mae Daeng, a dense Thai wood similar to rosewood in density and looks. Top – Canadian Cypres (aka Alaskan yellow cedar). Macassar ebony fingerboard. Spanish cedar neck.
More photos soon to come!


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